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150 Responses to “Show Us Your Layout”

  1. Thomas Mazol

    a work in progress

  2. Ed


  3. Alan Jennison

    This is part of the work I am doing showcasing the history of Tasmania's (Australia) west coast in miniature. Lots more to go yet but open to the public here in Zeehan, Tasmania.

  4. Richard Lawson


  5. Lisa King

    New builder

  6. Dan Lucovich

    Part of my layout running 10 trains this season

  7. Jim Kirschensteiner

    I built my HO train layout to have several plug-in sceery layout from different time periods. They range from the 1870s, to the 1950s. I can pop out a laayout and replace it with another one.

  8. Alfred F Blair

    My layout (still under construction) is based on the "small town on the prairie" by Ian Rice. I expanded the 8X12 size to the inside of my train building which is 14'4" x 9'4". It is mounted on shelf brackets around the wall with a lift out bridge across the outswing door.

  9. Randy S

    Ho layout on top, and Lionel below.

  10. Joe Graffi

    San Juan Creek, set in N.W. NM (With apologies to Chama) in the late 40s. 12x8 HO layout.