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Bill and Mary Miller's C&S Ohio Creek & Elk Mtn Timber Co Railway Video Download




Video Download: Bill and Mary Miller’s C&S Ohio Creek Extension and Elk Mountain Timber Co Railway

Bill and Mary take you on an in-depth tour of their layouts. One of the unique features they’ve added to their layout includes industrial, environmental, and locomotive sounds installed at various scenes. This unique feature increases the realism and adds to the enjoyment of operating sessions. You’ll learn about the inspiration behind their layouts, a brief history of the C&S, and how they modified their structures to more closely match the prototype. You don’t want to miss this up-close look at one of America’s greatest model railroads.

Your tour starts in Gunnison, Colo., and continues to Baldwin, where the prototype C&S halted construction due to financial problems. Bill and Mary used modeler’s license to complete the line from Baldwin to Floresta, Colo. The Miller’s used 28′-0″ x 29′-6″ across three rooms in their basement to complete their vision of the C&S Ohio Creek Extension. Their design allows for seamless operations by tunneling through walls, incorporating closets into the track plan, and creating drop-leaf and swing-out bridges across the doorways. These master modelers put a lot of research and careful planning into their layout, and the result is apparent throughout the many details on their model railroad.

Being inspired to begin or continue work on your railroad is important. But you also need to know how to build, weather, and detail your layout. These master modelers show you the secrets they use for smoother operations and realistic weathering. Mary installed hand-thrown turn-out mechanisms throughout the layout. For many modelers, this might seem too complicated to attempt. But after watching Mary show you step-by-step how to build and install the mechanism, you just might want to give it a try. Bill has some great techniques for weathering your rolling stock. Don’t miss your opportunity to learn from two of the best modelers in our hobby. 68 minutes.

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