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Video Download: Bill Henderson’s Coal Belt Railroad

Allen Keller’s Great Model Railroads Volume 19

Bill Henderson’s Coal Belt Railroad is a free-lanced version of several eastern roads including the Reading and Delaware & Hudson. This HO railroad represents Pennsylvania in 1910, an era that appealed to Bill because he loves Camelback locomotives. Even though the space for the layout is only 8 feet x 20 feet, Bill has built an exceptional railroad, proving that everybody has room for a layout. Bill will show you a weathering method that doesn’t require an airbrush, how to create fabulous foreground trees and dense ground cover, how to paint a backdrop, and how to maintain locomotives. 59 minutes.

Chapter Topics:

Touring the Coal Belt

  • Town of Mt Carbon
  • Rich Mountain Creek
  • Walnut Gap
  • Ontario Port
  • Operations on the Coal Belt

    Owner Inspiration & Techniques

  • Cleaning Gears
  • Painting Clouds and a Photo Backdrop
  • Creating Natural Scenery and Trees
  • Weathering a Box Car
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