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Video Download: David Barrow’s Cat Mountain & Santa Fe

Allen Keller’s Great Model Railroads Volume 17

David Barrow’s Cat Mountain & Santa Fe represents the embodiment of 25 years of planning and designing the ultimate linear walk-around trackplan. The HO scale Cat Mountain gives operators the feeling of actually traveling with their trains because the construction of the room and layout block everything but only a small part of the railroad at a time.

David has continually modified the railroad and the room when a better idea came along. He now believes modular construction, even for a permanent layout, is the best design method because it forces the builder to create a sincere trackplan with the train only passing thru a scene once.

David will show you his method of creating the dry, barren scenery of west Texas where the Cat Mountain replaces the Atchison Topkea & Santa Fe. And since operation is the main reason for the Cat Mountain, David will share with you some of the materials you need to create a successful, realistic operating session.

The CM&SF is a Great Model Railroad because David’s expertise as an architect has given him the freedom to incessantly refine his ideas of the perfect railroad trackplan.

Chapter Topics:

Touring the Cat Mountain & Santa Fe

  • Mesa
  • Cat Mountain
  • Dry Creek
  • Ellison
  • Gravity
  • Allen
  • East Hill
  • Operations on the Cat Mountain and Santa Fe

    Owner Inspiration & Techniques

  • Planning and Inspiration
  • Enlarging the Room and Redoing the Track Plan
  • Architecture of Model Railroads
  • Module Construction
  • Operating Scheme
  • Staging Yards
  • Designing a Railroad
  • Preparing for an Operating Session
  • CTC Board and Signaling Systems
  • Developing the Hobby
  • Questions from other Model Railroaders
  • Weathering
  • Plastering, Painting, and Decorating Scenery‚Äč
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