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Harry Clark's Indian Creek Valley Railroad Video Download


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Video Download: Harry Clark’s Indian Creek Valley Railroad

Allen Keller’s Great Model Railroads Volume 7

Harry Clark’s Indian Creek Valley Railroad is one of the most incredibly built model railroads you’ll ever see. The layout is 22 feet deep with fabulous panoramic views and clearly shows the craftsmanship and artistry of its builder. The HO railroad features mountain scenery with 1,000s of inexpensive, scratchbuilt trees that Harry will show you how to make. Harry models the peak years of railroading 1940-1955 with long, long trains gliding gracefully through broad curves and up 2% mountainous grades. 58 minutes.

Chapter Topics:

​Touring the Indian Creek Valley Railroad

  • Leaving Connellsville Station
  • Approaching Yoder
  • Climbing Towards Myersdale
  • Indian Creek
  • Operations on the Indian Creek Valley Railroad

    Owner Inspiration & Techniques

  • Making Rock Molds
  • Using Natural Material for Scenery
  • Easy Lattice Look
  • Creating a Round House
  • How to make Windows
  • Watch a preview of this Video Download below: