Scenery Essentials 3-DVD Set


Item: U0003Q


3-DVD Set: Scenery Essentials

Creating the right backdrop for your layout can enhance any scene and adding interest to those flat and void areas can make your layout stand out. Learn how with this 3-DVD set, which includes over 3 hours of instruction and tips.

Easy to Make Backdrops – 51 minutes

Back in the early days of model railroading, backdrops were the exception. Today with narrower layouts, wider aisles, and walk-around layouts, backdrops are almost a necessity. They can be as simple or complex as you want them to be. NMRA Master Model Railroader, Gerry Leone, shows you a relatively inexpensive option on how to make an effective backdrop from start to finish.

Adding Visual Interest to Flatlands – 69 minutes

Often times when building a model railroad, it can be difficult to avoid flat, empty areas in your scene. Maybe the landscape upon which you’ve designed your layout is made up mostly of cornfields, or perhaps your train’s tracks pass through an industrial town without much other than a few buildings. NMRA Master Model Railroader Gerry Leone shows you tips and techniques that you can do to take that next step to keep those big flat areas from being boring and lacking interest.

Painting the Backdrops – 78 minutes

Urban scenes can be a challenge because of space constraints. Tom uses several techniques to add depth to his urban scenes using little to no layout real estate. By following Tom’s tips you can create a detailed urban scene in an evening. And stay tuned to learn how to hide holes and make roads disappear into your backdrop. No matter what state your layout is in, there’s something new to learn!