Mike Burgett

A Behind the Scenes Tour of the Chesapeake & Ohio

Mike Burgett
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Duration:   12  mins

The exploration of expert model layouts can lead to a world of inspiration. The creative and innovative Chesapeake & Ohio layout by Mike Burgett may help spark the imagination for your very own design. The layout is set in August of 1965 when the coal industry was flourishing throughout the mountains of Virginia. Although Mike has never personally seen the C&O in real life, he does a masterful job of recreating it. The design is set on an open grid benchwork in Mike’s basement, which spans an area of 24 by 36 feet. The double deck layout allows for an extensive track in the limited space. The C&O includes three subdivisions that interchange at the lower level of the layout at the Clifton Forge Yard.

The Chesapeake & Ohio Model Railroad

In this 11-part series, Allen Keller takes a behind the scenes look at the Chesapeake & Ohio with the layouts designer, Mike Burgett. Allen and Mike discuss the operations and design of the layout throughout the series. They dig deeper into the history and mechanics of the Chesapeake & Ohio.

As an introduction to the series, Allen Keller guides the tour of the Chesapeake & Ohio in great detail. He narrates the scene as we follow the mainline as it makes its way through the cities. Several scenery changes are apparent throughout the layout. The train runs through farmland and an industrial district. Allen describes all the activity as the train passes by, including the names of buildings and the stories behind them.

Follow along through this extended series to learn more about the Chesapeake & Ohio. Mike Burgett’s landscape and scenery hold great detail and beauty and the overall design is breathtaking. The tour offers plenty of insight into the art of model railroading. It is impressive to see what model railroaders are capable of creating.

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