A Behind-the-Scenes Tour of F&SM New England Model Railroad

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Duration:   7:22   mins

Follow along as the F&SM makes its way through tunnels and mountains of New England. Catch a private tour of the model railroad layout. Indulge in the sights and sounds that New England has to offer. Every inch of this layout tells a narrative through vintage advertising, architectural style of the buildings, and steep hills. Prepare for a glimpse into the elaborate display of model railroading.

A Behind-the-Scenes Tour of F&SM New England Model Railroad

The Franklin Flyer leaves the elevated Franklin Station and passes the station’s interlocking tower. As the train turns the corner, it is greeted by a parade of industrial buildings. A warehouse stands tallest among the lineup. Franklin is a city of small wood and brick buildings on a backdrop of steep hill. The harbor and seafood emporium are off to the right. As the train makes its way down the track, it leaves Franklin and enters the town of Belverton. The main feature of Belverton is the Rocky Point Harbor lighthouse.

Next is Chesterville, home to a small station and water tank. The only industrial building in this town is the meat packer in back. The logging company is found in Beaver Meadow. The train comes out of Snake Back Tunnel in the area known as the wilderness. Leaving Bedford Falls, the train passes the Isaiah Shalom Company and Stuffy’s Brewery and arrives in Dovertown. The area is famous for its brick and concrete canyons.

Next, the train arrives at the South Manchester Station. The Port of Manchester is known for its tall buildings, including the massive Abraham and Jacob’s clothiers. After crossing the harbor, the Beer and Wholesalers come into view. Towering buildings are found along with the passenger platforms for the elevated Manchester Central Station. Finally, the train crosses the North Field River to the staging yard.

In the midst of the Great Depression, blue skies, white clouds, and greenery fill the landscape while weather-beaten buildings overcrowd the hills of this New England layout. The attention to detail in this model railroad is impressive and noteworthy. There are loads to learn about weathering, backdrops, scenery, and overall design. Soak in the views for future inspiration on your own model railroad.

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