Bruce Carpenter

Bruce Carpenter’s Model Railroad Hobby

Bruce Carpenter
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Duration:   3  mins

What captivates Bruce Carpenter and his operating buddies when they visit his outstanding layout, and what motivated him to build a basement-sized modern era railroad in the first place? Learn what originally sparked his interest in the model railroad hobby and keeps his interest piqued in preparing for and then managing a four-hour operating session for seven fellow layout owners. The planning, anticipation and rush of energy as an operating session begins is probably not unique to the model railroad hobby but is an aspect that really enthuses Bruce.

Bruce tells Allen Keller that providing the opportunity for his friends – at least for a short time – to experience jobs they will probably never hold in real life is an aspect of the hobby he really enjoys. As a railroad modeler, you can be a civil engineer, an electrical engineer, a mechanical engineer and several other professions as you create your world in miniature – just some of the many reasons he cites that the model railroad hobby is the greatest pastime in which to be involved!

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