Roger Russell

Combining Different Scales with Roger Russell

Roger Russell
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Duration:   2  mins

Many ask narrow gauge modeler Roger Russell how he combines different scales on his ⅜-inch scale layout to make it look real. In the video, Roger shows a small engine service or engine facility with an S-scale boiler, an O-scale dog, a ⅜-inch jack, and a ½-inch barrel. Inside the facility are HO bags stacked up, three different scales of tools on the tool bench, water barrels in 0 scale, and even old jewelry of his wife’s that he made into a chain. He has a 50,000-gallon water tank in S scale that he converted to an 18,000 gallon ⅜-inch water tank using larger braces with the kit. Next he shows an O-scale bird that looks just fine in the layout. Cast military figures have also been modified to look like civilians. It is not the scale of the objects that really matters, but how the figure appears in the layout. Roger has proved this with his models.

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