Don Cassler

Brief Overview on Constructing Benchwork

Don Cassler
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Duration:   1  mins

In this video, Allen Keller questions Don Cassler on the benchwork in his layout. The materials used in the layout are those typical of a model, but their durability is unique. Cassler and his fellow modelers built the benchwork so that it could last and hold up after any sort of impact.

Cassler also contributes some advice for constructing the benchwork of your model. He states the importance of having others view your unfinished model, and in turn viewing theirs. Listening to the opinions of others and addressing their questions can open the door to new perspectives and ideas on how to move forward with your layout. Cassler has experienced this first hand when viewers have gravitated to unfinished portions of his model. He was able to give good ideas, and also receive them.

Although so much work has been done on the layout over the years, Cassler estimates a few more years yet to come in which he and his team will consider the model finished.

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3 Responses to “Brief Overview on Constructing Benchwork”

  1. Richard

    This is very frustrating. I get the email to watch the video. I go to the video and all it is, is a teaser. Where do I find the full length video?? Your search is very poor. This is why I find the site very frustrating. There is no mention as to where to find the full length video. Of course it asks if I want to become a member but I am already a paid member. So whats the deal here???

  2. Chuck

    When you built your layout, did you build in modules and join them together? I'm going to be constructing a layout and I'm thinking building several 2x4 modules and then bolting them together to make a layout approx 10 X 14. Chuck

  3. Greg

    Pictures of the actual bench work, particularly in the unfinished areas mentioned, would have greatly enhanced this video.

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