George Sellios

Creating Realistic Wood using Fine Scale Miniature Kits

George Sellios
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Duration:   5  mins

George Sellios is creator and owner of Fine Scale Miniature Kits, a company dedicated to selling quality wooden structure kits for model railroads. At one point in his career he was producing 700-800 kits a year. The meticulous craftsman is known for creating kits with careful detailing, but what ultimately sets his kits aside from other manufactures is the weathering instructions included with every purchase.

Fine Scale Miniature Kits and Weathering Instructions

The instructions included in the Fine Scale Miniature Kits are desired to the point where people attempt to scam George. He has received letters from people in the past explaining they purchased kits from an auction and the instructions were missing. It got to the point where it was necessary to establish a company policy requiring proof of purchase in order to receive the instructions. After George began asking for proof, nine out of ten times he would never hear back from them again. In this video, you will get access to step by step weathering instructions taught by George himself. He reveals his techniques and tricks for creating realistic wood using Fine Scale Miniature Kits.

George demonstrates his weathering techniques on a wall taken from one of his Fine Scale Miniature Kits. He starts by giving the wall a prime coat of gray and then applying a red paint as a stain. He shares how to apply the paint and what products he uses. He also provides tips on how to weather the wood to give it an individualized look, including how dry brushing can be an effective method to do so. Lastly, he reveals a time saving method for creating window shades. The structures in your own model railroad layout will look incredibly realistic with the help of these expert tips. With practice, you will be able to create professional models like George Sellios.

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