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DCC Power Supply

Steve Barkley
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All digital command control stations need a power supply. Basic systems are normally sold with a power supply already included, but some advanced systems require a separate purchase. Modeler and DCC Expert Steve Barkley provides some helpful tips on choosing the correct power supply for your DCC command station.

DCC Components – Power Supply

In this video, Steve discusses his own experience with DCC systems and power supply components. He demonstrates two different DCC systems that he has worked with. The first system he mentions is a basic model and includes a power supply in the box all ready to go. The second system he mentions is an advanced model and does not come with a power supply.

The most important step in purchasing a power supply for your DCC system is reading the manual that comes with your system. The manual will provide information regarding the specific power supply to use for your system. When choosing a power supply, you need to make sure that the power supply you purchase meets the manufactures requirement of your system.

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