Allen Keller

Demo on Model Railroad Layouts and Scenery

Allen Keller
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Duration:   2  mins

Flatland or prairie railroading can be challenging when it comes to blending scenery into the backdrop. A mountainous layout is much easier to hide the interception, but there are a few methods to blend the joint in a flatland layout. Allen Keller shares two distinctive ways to blend your model railroad layouts and scenery. Blending can be a difficult task, but there are many tricks for making the transition appear seamless.

Model Railroad Layouts and Scenery Blending Techniques

The first method Allen suggests involves cutting a thin strip of Styrofoam. He demonstrates how to cut the Styrofoam in a particular way so that the overall appearance looks textured. Then he suggests adding ground cover to the Styrofoam strip. Once satisfied with the appearance, the piece of Styrofoam can be placed on the layout to hide the joint between the backdrop and the layout itself. It works well in a flatland layout because it does not raise enough to appear like a hill or mountain, but it does provide a small raise in the landscape, thus giving some depth to your scenery.

The second method Allen suggests involves using a strip of faux fur. This type of material can be purchased from a craft or a fabric store. Allen shows how to fluff out the strip of faux fur by using a small comb. This technique breaks up the fibers a bit to give the appearance of dead weeds or dead foliage. You can also color the material green or sprinkle on ground foam. The material resembles dead vegetation and hides the seam nicely.

Both methods look convincing in a flatland layout and are easy to create on a budget. Try out one of these methods the next time you need to blend into the backdrop of your model railroad layouts and scenery.

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