Lou Sassi

Final Thoughts on the Western Hoosic Division

Lou Sassi
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Duration:   7  mins

Allen Keller and Lou Sassi discuss some ending thoughts on Lou’s Western Hoosic Division model railroad. What Lou likes most about his layout is the satisfaction it gives him and the pleasure he finds in operating. It is enjoyable for him to work on, but for him operating is what it is all about. An artist who paints a picture does not get the same enjoyment a modeler does, because models become animated and the creator can step into it.

If he could start the layout over again he would still set it in the 1950s. He likes the steam to diesel transition of that time. Life in general was at a slower pace in those days. New England is where he is familiar with, so it is where he likes to model. If he is ever in a bind and doesn’t understand a certain area or structure, he can simply get in his car and drive to view it in person. He has had the misfortune of helping other modelers tear their layouts down and he has learned from those experiences. Other than scenery materials and buildings, saving things from the layout for the new layout is a big frustration.

Lou’s approach to model railroading is viewing it as both an art and a craft. This is what makes the hobby so enjoyable. There is a craftsman approach to structures and buildings, while creating scenes for them is where the art aspect comes in. It is also a source of both joy and frustration. The older he gets, the more he hates wiring. Today he would build the layout high enough so he could stand under it to do wiring. Most people can tell from the layout that he enjoys most the scenery aspect of modeling. Lou goes on to reflect more on the layout with Allen.

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