George Sellios

Final Words with Allen Keller & George Sellios

George Sellios
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Duration:   5  mins

George Sellios has given us a private tour of his Franklin & South Manchester layout as well as provided step-by-step weathering instructions. He also graciously shared his insights and knowledge of model railroading. In this video, Allen Keller and George Sellios wrap up the tour of the F&SM.

Final words with Allen Keller & George Sellios

Allen asks George some final questions regarding his layout and model railroading experience. Allen begins by asking how George feels about being compared to other famous model railroad designers. George explains what an honor it is to be compared to John Allen’s Gorre & Daphetid layout. George describes the G&D as beautiful and has previously expressed his aspiration to model like John. During the interview, George describes some projects he needs to finish within his layout. At the time he had about 10 to 15 feet of wilderness scenery to finish and some staging yards to add into the layout. George has been honest about pulling inspiration from other modelers and even replicating scenes from John Allen. His layout is a wonderful piece of craftsmanship put together with the help of many collaborators.

Another noteworthy question Allen asks is where George thinks the hobby of model railroading is headed. George believes the hobby has gotten very sophisticated. He points out that the newer rolling stock, specifically the steam engines, are unbelievable. He also points out the increase in craftsmanship. A major wood manufacturer told George his business has more than doubled over the last few years. Modelers are opting to use wood instead of plastics to replicate wood.

George has produced his Fine Scale Miniature craftsman kits for 35 years and has designed one of the most detailed model railroad layouts to ever exist. George acknowledges how much he appreciates the craft of model railroading and how drastically it has changed his life. He believes he has helped the public develop more realistic scenes and recognizes this as a privilege and an honor.

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