Don Cassler

Hidden Staging Yards

Don Cassler
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Duration:   2  mins

Don Cassler’s layout uses hidden staging yards during its operation. Hidden components on a layout can be an operator’s nightmare, but it has worked for Cassler and his team. In this video, not only will you learn about the hidden staging yards, you will also learn about the various modelers’ contributions to the layout and what inspires Cassler about modeling.

Optical detectors on either end of all yards signal a light panel to alert the operator when a locomotive is in the proper position to stop. A quick throw switch stops the train in its tracks. This method has proven to work well for Cassler and his fellow modelers during operation.

Every modeler who worked on the layout has had a small hand in almost every aspect. This fellowship is just one of the things that Cassler admires about modeling railroads. The creative satisfaction in modeling a railroad has been very rewarding for Cassler over the twenty years spent working on his layout. Cassler’s reward for his years of work comes from creating something that he and his fellow modelers enjoy operating and that people enjoy watching.

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