Steve Doyle & Doug Hodgdon

How to Incorporate Signaling Systems into Model Railroads

Steve Doyle & Doug Hodgdon
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The invention of railroad signaling systems was introduced when automobile traffic became more prevalent in the 1900’s. Signaling systems are a crucial part of the railroad today. Detection and signaling prevent collisions, keep the trains on schedule and support a safer environment. Due to the high importance of signaling systems, they are critical for your railroad if you want to run your model in a prototypical way.

Railroad Signaling Systems

In this video, model railroad academy editors Steve Doyle and Doug Hodgdon offer tips and suggestions on how to make a model railroad not only look but also behave the way the real railroads do. The key to achieving authenticity is to comprehensively understand the operations of the railroad. To provide a better understanding, Steve and Doug discuss the history of the signaling system and its significance on the railroad.

Signaling systems can be one of the more difficult projects to complete on your model railroad, but several manufacturers today offer solutions for this dilemma. AZATRAX is one manufacturer that produces circuit boards and signaling systems. Steve and Doug demonstrate the D2T-Xing dual detector by AZATRAX to show just how easy and practical installing a signaling system can be with their products.

The AZATRAX D2T-Xing dual detector is a two-channel model train detector that uses advanced infrared technology. The detector activates road crossing signals and related accessories when trains move across the infrared sensors. The D2T-Xing dual detector kit includes a circuit board, two infrared light sources, two infrared receivers, four plastic mounting tubes, and resistors for LED signals.

Steve and Doug describe the AZATRAX D2T-Xing dual detector instructions as easy to follow and find the assembly to be simple. The capabilities are endless as AZATRAX sells many other products sold separately. Detection and signaling systems will make a wonderful addition to your layout if you desire to run your railroad in a prototypical way. Check out AZATRAX for all the circuits and signals you will need to install a signaling system on your layout.

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