George Sellios

Introduction to the Franklin & South Manchester, New England Layout

George Sellios
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Model railroading has proven to be a complex hobby mixed with creativity, art, and history. Layouts are often influenced by actual locations and time periods. In fact, many modelers have created layouts that are accurate replications of history. Any dedicated modeler can recreate a genuine work of railroad art with a bit of research and experimentation. For motivation, Allen Keller introduces a one-of-a-kind masterpiece of fine modeling in this video.

The Franklin & South Manchester, New England layout

George Sellios is the creator of the legendary HO-scale layout of the Franklin & South Manchester Railroad set in 1935. George began construction on the layout in back in 1984. His model is now considered to be the most highly detailed layout ever built. Since the beginning of construction, many changes have been made to the layout. Allen and George take a look at the newly completed areas of the layout.

Beginning at just bench work years ago, this elaborate layout spans an area of 23 feet by 42 feet. We take a closer look at several comprehensive towns, a remodeled waterfall, and newly added greenery. A completely rearranged track runs through the newest additions of the layout. Join along as Allen and George explore Franklin & South Manchester. There is inspiration to be found around every twist and turn of this outstanding layout.

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