Jerry Macri

Jerry Macri’s Scenery Cart

Jerry Macri
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Duration:   5  mins

Jerry Macri, owner of the Pennsy, uses a cart to hold all of his scenery materials. In the past, Jerry had noticed that it was becoming frustrating to get things out of drawers and move scenery around the layout. So, he created a cart to hold all of his scenery and be able to easily move it around the layout. He keeps scenery materials in clear containers for easy storage and use, from herbs and spices, rocks and steel, to foams and more. He also keeps all of his tools in the cart. Some of these include a spray bottle with a fine mist to wet areas without disturbing the scenery too much as well as a large selection of detail parts. On the lower level of his cart he has larger tools which include brushes, larger rock for mountain sides, plenty of Elmer’s glue, ballast, and kits with figures.

Allen Keller asks if he knew he had the patience to take on such an undertaking with this large of a layout. Jerry has patience in his nature, but also enjoys being very active. To Jerry, patience is necessary when working on a layout, as many challenges pop up while modeling. Jerry owns a number of businesses and the layout helps him unwind from work. It cuts out all the noise of the day, giving him a space to forget all of his other problems for a while. In fact, he attributes modeling to helping cure his insomnia. He has had many people come in to see the layout, from clubs to boyscouts and girlscouts, and preschools. It has allowed him to meet interesting people and keep a great balance in his life. For more Allen Keller videos, visit the Model Railroad Academy archives.

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