Don Cassler

Junctions on the M&K

Don Cassler
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Duration:   2  mins

A unique feature of Don Cassler’s M&K layout is the multitude of junctions. In this video, watch the operation of the M&K and follow along as Allen Keller questions Cassler on the intricacies of his model railroad.

The model’s major junction, the HA, features a tower that was modeled after an actual tower in West Virginia. It can route all trains in every direction, and is the scene where the main train routes overlap each other. A distinctive feature of the junctions on Cassler’s layout is that every junction on the M&K layout has working signals. These signals were purchased from Integrated Signal Systems who aided a helping hand in making them functional on the M&K.

Organizing junctions, or the location where the direction of two trains must be controlled on the system, can be the funnest part about operating a model railroad.

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