Dick Elwell

A Look into Operations on the Hoosac Valley Railroad

Dick Elwell
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Duration:   10  mins

Close your eyes at the Hoosac Valley model railroad and you will be transported to New England. The realism of the sights and sounds are unparalleled. Modeler Dick Elwell is a genious when it comes to model railroad operations. He has an unmistakable talent for bringing layouts to life through narrative. Dick designed Hoosac Valley as the subsidiary of the New York Central that bridges Pittsfield, Massachusetts and Whitehall, New York. The railroad serves over thirty industries and sees a great deal of action.

Hoosac Valley Model Railroad

In part two of the 10-part Hoosac Valley series, Allen Keller examines the operations on the model railroad created by Dick Elwell. Allen unfolds the journey of the RS-1 1012 as it makes its daily run at Whitehall. It travels through the various towns of Hoosac Valley and makes some stops along the way.

The scenery of Hoosac Valley is eye catching to say the least. Extra 1012 rumbles past lush green pastures causing a ruckus of noise. Sounds of wheels screeching against the metal tracks and whistles blowing at full power fill the air. Sturdy rock formations outline the background against rich autumn foliage. The leaves range in color from muted green, warm gold and deep crimson.

Sights of old tired buildings come into view as #1012 sets out to Farnams to deliver a boxcar of assorted merchandise to Mr. Bills Transfer Warehouse. After completing its duties, the train makes its way to the town of Cheshire. Signs of life and vegetation are everywhere as the train passes by cows grazing in the meadow. The train eventually finds its way to an area populated with industries and several business advertisements.

The end of the run for #1012 finishes up in Whitehall near the Photoworks building. Come along for the journey as we follow the rails on the Hoosac Valley Railroad and enjoy the views of the New England rivers and forested mountains.

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