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Tour the Milwaukee Road Heritage Center Layout

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Duration:   15  mins

The Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific Railroad was more commonly known as The Milwaukee Road. In this video, we take a tour of the Milwaukee Road Heritage Center layout, with good views of the layout’s painted scenic backgrounds, modeled scenery, and behind the scenes views of the lighting and wiring.

The Milwaukee Road Heritage Center is located in Montevideo, Minnesota. The Milwaukee Road was known for bypassing some big cities and instead stopping in small towns. The railroad played a major role in the development of Montevideo in the late 19th century. Today the MRHC displays several railroad cars that were unique to The Milwaukee Road as well as this detailed layout that includes the Montevideo depot.

If you’re getting some ideas after taking this tour, numerous other videos on the site will help you plan your layout.

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One Response to “Tour the Milwaukee Road Heritage Center Layout”

  1. JAMES

    Not a bad tour, but it would've been nice to see some trains running. The first 9 1/2 minutes were rather boring with the camera train going through the hidden tracks.

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