Model Railroad Backdrop Painting Through Stippling

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When it comes to painting clouds and other aspects of weather backdrops for your model railroad scenes, there are a few different ways to achieve the mood you want. Using just a couple basic colors and reusable cloud templates that are available at any craft store, you can add impressive depth to your backdrops and breathe new life into your models.

In another video, we showed you the method for properly spray painting clouds, which helps to give the clouds sharper edges and a little more boldness. However, if you’re looking for a style of model railroad backdrop painting that looks softer and less rigid, we recommend using the stippling technique. Stippling allows you to create gentler clouds and a wider array of dynamic weather scenery. So in today’s lesson, we walk you step by step through the simple technique necessary for stippling beautiful clouds onto your backdrop.

Stippling a model railroad backdrop painting

To help you create your most impressive model railroad backdrop painting, expert modeler Tom Lund introduces the concept of stippling and talks a bit about why this technique can be ideal for adding clouds to your model railroad backdrop painting. This method is particularly beneficial if you don’t feel comfortable using spray paint on your backdrop.

Tom begins by adding three essential clouds to a disposable palette, and teaches you which brush is optimal for the stippling method. Then, he demonstrates the process, using the template as his guide for this quick and easy model railroad backdrop painting.

While he works on his model railroad backdrop painting, Tom discusses the importance of making the clouds look natural through light dotting of the brush, and gives you examples of when you might use this technique. He believes the stippling technique is perfect for a variety of model railroad backdrop painting situations, including weather phenomena, landscape accents and mountain ridges. Try your hand at this expert method with a stiff brush and some acrylics, and see your backdrops come to life!