Monroe Stewart

Movable Scenes on the Hooch Junction Model Railroad

Monroe Stewart
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Duration:   2  mins

According to Allen Keller, Monroe Stewart has an interesting way of doing scenes, on his Hooch Junction model railroad. In fact, he has a movable scene. Monroe could have an island or not have an island on his layout, there are even two versions of said island. Previously, he had a panel, but with the installation of digitracks he took out the panel and installed more water. In order to keep the water interesting, if he gets tired of it, he has some moveable scenery he sticks in for an island look. Monroe can also install a construction project beside the river. The construction project can even be removed and replaced with a forest. When he tells people the layout can change in front of their eyes, it’s not a matter of speech.

His approach to structure building is unique since he worked as an architect and a civil engineer. He looks at each structure as a geometric shape. If you look at it that way, a building is just a square, another has a cube stuck to it. The same thought process can be applied when someone models. Any structure that is out there can be modeled by adding different shapes and sizes and changing their relationships to each other. That is, after all, what makes a building a building.

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