Operations on the Brandywine and Benedictine Railroad

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An overview of the operations on Norm Stenzel’s Brandywine and Benedictine model railroad. Operations start in the Salem Roundhouse, where a transfer run from the Blue Ridge terminal eases past. the Norfolk Central RS-1 drop its cars in the next yard. The mine run will require a big articulated to handle train 927 on 2662 to Alleghany. The 927 moves into New Castle executing a runaround move to put three hoppers in front. This will make the switching of the lines a lot easier.

Next, moving through Barry Knob Tunnel, the crew will drop three empties at the Pioneer Coal Company mine. 927 leaves with three B&B hoppers on the point and heads into Tunnel Number 8 and later Natural Tunnel. At the Pocahontas Coal Company the three lead hoppers will get switched by gravity. The hoppers get shoved ahead towards the tipple. This flying switch is frowned upon by management but the crew loves it because it saves time.

Next four loads come out. A Virginian and two B&B empties are shoved along and the B&B moves over Barbour’s Creek. The mine run takes Ashwood siding for train number 131 – the B&O Mountain Expediter. Train 131 handles piggyback traffic between Washington and Atlanta. The Mountain Expediter is operated jointly by the B&O and the B&B. After they meet the 2662 heads for the Big Mike Tipple. Three loaded hoppers get picked up and the empties are dropped under the tipple. Paris Point Mountain skirts the track at Wishbone Mine Number 2. The Alleghany viaduct leads right into Alleghany.

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