Rick Rideout

Operations on the L&N Henderson Subdivision

Rick Rideout
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Duration:   12  mins

In this video, watch Rick Rideout’s model railroad in operation as Allen Keller describes its movements along the layout. The 768 on the L&N Henderson Subdivision moves from Courtland and onto Springfield where it finds no work. Heading on toward Guthrie on the Tennessee-Kentucky state line, it crosses over Red River. The switch list has three setouts and three pickups, the setouts are three boxcars that will be classified later by the Jeep-7 423. Three empties – a southern boxcar, an SP Flat, and a Canadian Pacific boxcar – head to Evansville from Guthrie Yard. From there, they pass the Guthrie grain elevators on their way to Memphis.

After crossing over Little Red River, the empties catch up with the 768 near the Ohio River. The Little Red River Bridge opened in 1932 to replace the 1890’s build which boasted the best connection over the river for years. The end of the bridge is still called FS Tower because of an old tower that used to sit there. An ALCO RS-32 914 classifies the cars at Howl Yard. The conductor has two hoppers; a railbox, and a short line per diem boxcar to get for a Chicago connection. The 768 comes to Seven Crossings which in reality has only five tracks that are actually in grade. At North Main Street a school bus waits for the train to pass. Following an s curve on Clairmont Street, the 768 passes the Continental Grain Company – the last industry on the Northbound main. Old Henderson Road marks the end of the Evansville subdivision and the beginning of the Chicago division.

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