Cliff Powers

Operations on the Mississippi, Alabama & Gulf

Cliff Powers
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Duration:   11  mins

Operations on the Mississippi, Alabama & Gulf model railroad of Cliff Powers starts as Train 33 enters Wharton powered by 282 Number 1526. The MA&G Makato is on the way to New Orleans and Number 33 has work at the Dappler feed mill. The Makato will set out two boxcars, an MA&G, and a Mississippi Central. Central of Georgia Car 1585 just pulled from the mill and the MA&G moves over Wolf River and along State Route 53. Hines Lumber Company Shay Number 2 comes in with a load of logs for the mill. Makato 1526 crosses in on the log pond trestle while train number 1 rolled down an embankment that is now used for parts.

The 282 will set out two boxcars, a Florida East Coast, and a Columbus and Greenville. The track at Kiln is shared with a Southern and the Gulf, Mobil, and Ohio. The MA&G passes by quaint Garlett’s Farm where the cows are grazing. It’s then over the Jourdan River. Train 33 passes Edna Crossing, and then the Barnstead Lumber Company. This Burlington car will be set out. At Slidell, the 282 heads for New Orleans staging. For a view of operations on this MA&G, watch the full video. Watch more from Allen Keller’s Great Model Railroad series by visiting the Model Railroad Academy archives.

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