Gary Hoover

Operations on the Missouri, Kansas and Quincy

Gary Hoover
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Duration:   11  mins

Operations on Gary Hoover’s Missouri, Kansas and Quincy begin in Sedalia, Colorado. As the night becomes dawn a glimpse is caught of the new BNSF power for Extra 986. The two GE-9 widebodies leave the engine service rack. Sedalia is a medium sized city with the Johnson brickyard off to the left. Engine 986 is the lead unit followed by Number 1,000. They will make up the train from two cuts of cars. With the blocking completed, the two GE units roll past the engine house.

Exiting Tunnel 16, the Extra 986 rolls over the East Falls River. An abandoned coal mine is a reminder of bustling times at Wasatch Mountain. In Wasatch Canyon there is snow. At Castle Gate, Utah the bulk of the train is dropped east of town to set out a hopper at the coal mine. Rio Grande Number 16248 is dropped. This Utah railway unit will bring out a Utah Belt boxcar to transfer to the BNSF. The locomotives pass as the BNSF units move to pick up the rest of the train.

At Apache Canyon a group of railfans wait. Soon the object of all the attention appears. A 484 with an excursion train. It will take the siding here to the BNSF Extra can pass. The fans now get to photograph the new widebody units and a contrasting 484. With the main cleared, the excursion train can now head eastbound. Next it’s onto High Desert. Leaving the desert, Quincy, California and its abandoned interlocking tower appear. Extra 986 will drop a PFE reefer at Valley Produce. A Santa Fe steamer waits for the call that will never come. At Ocean View Bay, California an Amtrak train begins its run to Quincy. To see more operations, watch the full video.

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