Operations on the New England Berkshire & Western Railroad

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Railroads are a means for transporting items from one location to another. Just like the real railroad, operating sessions are designed to give meaning to model railroads. The information found on waybills and car cards gives meaning and reason to the model trains. They provide information about what the train is shipping, where it’s going and where it came from.

Operations on the New England Berkshire & Western Railroad

In part nine of the 10-part New England Berkshire & Western series, Allen Keller and Rensselaer Model Railroad Society member Lee Rosenberg discuss the operating scheme of the NEB&W layout. Allen asks Lee about the use of waybills and car cards during the operating sessions. Lee describes what they are used for and how they are used on the layout.

Lee describes some of the procedures used for setting up the operating session. He discusses tip codes and what they signify. He also demonstrates the use of a waybill and what to do when you find one sitting on the layout.

The New England Berkshire & Western series is almost over, as just one more segment remains. The final segment pertains to structures and design on the New England Berkshire & Western model railroad layout and offers a step by step tutorial on how to detail windows on structure kits.

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