Gary Hoover

Operations on the Santa Fe Railroad

Gary Hoover
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Duration:   11  mins

Operations on Gary Hoover’s Santa Fe model railroad begins at San Bernardino, California where the 484, Number 2929 will help the Grand Canyon get up to Summit. The hepler is positioned in front of the depot prior to the arrival of train 24 to Grand Canyon. This is a mixed consist with both heavyweight and lightweight cars, some from eastern roads. VA number 70 pulls ahead so a baggage car can be added to the head-in. Number 3243, a Mekado will add baggage car number 1825. The Mecado returns to the roundhouse to do more work. In back are the locomotive shops while in the foreground is business car Number 9. The helper moves to take its place on the head-in with the sleeper section visible as the car passes AT&SF Shops. The track parallels Third Street.

The Grand Canyon leaves San Bernardino under the Fifth Street Bridge. At Cajon, the grade up is 2.2% with Sullivan’s Curve on the way. A famous sign rotates to warn workers at Summit of an approaching train. Helper 2929 will cut off here at Summit. Up the hill in back is an old trolley car which is used as a railfan bunk house. The helper will turn on the Y and return to San Bernardino. The trees straddle the Mojave River, the only source of water in the area. Then it’s under the Rainbow Bridge to Wooten Ranch. The Grand Canyon is running late when it arrives in Chicago’s Dearborn Station. For more Allen Keller videos, visit the Model Railroad Academy archives.

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