Allen McClelland

Operations on the Virginian and Ohio

Allen McClelland
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Duration:   9  mins

In this video, Allen McClelland found a film of the Virginian and Ohio in operation in 1975. It was shot for the Association of American Railroads but the footage was never used. The film gives insight into the crew’s July 1975 railfanning expedition. Allen Keller had the film colorized using paint schemes of the era as a guide. The film begins with an EXT-3 Detroit Edison unit train in Clintwood with two SD40-2 pullers, numbers 3069 and 3062. The Amtrak Ridge Runner runs from Afton to Charleston West Virginia. The EXT-5 rolls through Clintwood pulling Virginia coal toward the Ohio River to be loaded onto market. The EXT-5 prepares to stop at Dawson Spring where two helpers help push it up to Sandy Summit. At Elm Grove two F-7’s, number 251 and 263 work the industries.

Back to the EXT-5, the helpers are no longer needed for the uphill grade and will soon be cut off. After meeting EXT-5, the F units pull ahead and the helpers head back to Dawson Spring. In Dawson Spring the 261 travels with perishables from the south carrying products such as Tropicana. At Elm Grove, the Kelly Creek and Bradley local come out of its line behind Elm Grove Station and picking up elm logs. Logging is still a big business in Virginia. RS-11 number 1814 from the Jimtown turn has a pickup at the Patrick Coal Company in Fullerton. Night falls on the layout and two Alco FA’s bring DL-1 into the Jimtown yard. Finally, the FA’s number 245 and 243 cut off and head into the Jimtown engine facility.

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