Allen McClelland

Operations on the Virginian & Ohio, Gauley Subdivision

Allen McClelland
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Duration:   9  mins

Operations on the Virginian and Ohio, Gauley Subdivision of Allen McClelland at Wingate, train 76 eastbound leaves staging. On the point is Alco Sentry Number 340. Above is the Stone Creek subdivision that passes over Stone Creek and through Stone Creek Cut. Another view of the Stone Creek subdivision track above can be seen.

At Hartman Tunnel, the train exits over Little Stone Creek while at Undercliff Yard, the Alco’s set out a Virginian and Ohio covered hopper. At Pine Creek, eastbound 76 enters Horseshoe Tunnel and the 1.67% grade. This is the upper line over Pine Creek, and the line has come through the Horseshoe Spiral Tunnel. This is Pine Ridge at the summit.

Number 340 and 346 back to a cut of four cars that the last westbound train failed to leave at Santell Yard. Eastbound 76 is radioed to make an unscheduled pickup. After Summit Cut, it’s through the Linn Creek Tunnel. Mountain Valley Foods near Kingswood Junction has a reefer for train 76. The Alcos head to Santel Yard.

Watch the full video for a better view of operations, and check out more from Allen Keller’s Great Model Railroads in the Model Railroad Academy archives.

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