Lou Sassi

Operations on Lou Sassi’s Western Hoosic Division

Lou Sassi
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Duration:   9  mins

Operation on Lou Sassi’s Western Hoosic Division model railroad begins in Adams. There the Boston Number 1478 glides out of the two stall engine house. The 260 runs out in front of B Saulet & Co. Supply where the crew will soon do some switching. Out in the yard Number 1478 couples to a Boston & Maine wood caboose then heads off to get its train from Deerfield. Downtown Adams features the Hoosac Tunnel where the 260 emerges after picking up its Deerfield train.

Soon it reenters Adams to set out a B&O wagon top at B Saulet Supply. The B&M engine crosses route 2 and stops before the coal company, then crosses over the Saul High Trestle. At the west end of Adams it runs through the crossing on route 2. It then heads over the stone arch bridge and towards Tunnel Number 2. After exiting the tunnel, the freight crosses Collins Creek.

At Hoosic Junction the 260 will switch at the scale company with the general store on the left. Here Delaware & Hudson car Number 17285 will be set up and D&H Number 18851 is added. With the switching done Number 1478 heads for the Saco River Bridge. At Bennington the Rutland Number 8252 will be set out near the Smith Machine Company.

Now they must back up to Hoosic Junction to turn on the wind. After reversing direction the train passes through the Mount Greylock State Forest on its way to Williamstown. The Hoositonic Hotel is a great vacation spot for railfans because the trains never stop moving by. Number 1478 heads for the J Callahan Tool Company at Williamstown with the Bennington Roundhouse in the foreground.

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