Stephen & Cinthia Priest

Overview of the Emporia Subdivision of the Santa Fe

Stephen & Cinthia Priest
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Duration:   2  mins

In this video, Allen Keller gives an overview of the Emporia Subdivision of the Santa Fe. The model railroad belongs to two of the best known authors on all things Santa Fe- Stephen and Cynthia Priest. The railroad runs through Kansas in 1978. Stephen is very familiar with this area since he worked there as an engineer and later as an executive with the track maintenance department. The HO Santa Fe layout is freelanced, but based on a prototype Steven knows so well. The purpose of the operating sessions on this railroad is to have fun and socialize with good friends.

Allen Keller is with Stephen Priest and asks why he chose to build this particular railroad. Stephen has had the opportunity to work on a number of great railroads in Kansas City, so this is his way of giving back to them. The Emporia Subdivision of the Santa Fe model railroad occupies 40 by 25 feet on two levels with a minimum radius of 36 inches. The benchwork is all removable. The tour will start at the open staging yard at Wellington on the upper deck. For more Allen Keller videos, visit the Model Railroad Academy archives.

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