Harry Clark

Overview of the Indian Creek Valley Railroad

Harry Clark
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Harry Clark’s Indian Creek Valley Railroad is certainly one worth checking out. It’s one of the most incredibly built model railroads you’ll ever see. Nearly everything on the layout is scratch built by Harry, including thousands of model trees. To guide the tour, Allen Keller hosts this 9-part educational series on the Indian Creek Valley Railroad with Harry Clark.

Harry worked in carpentry for over 50 years and developed some interesting modeling techniques because of it. His background in carpentry influenced several aspects of his layout including the theming and scenery. The Indian Creek Valley Railroad operates in the mountains of Pennsylvania and depicts the lumbering business of the 40’s and 50’s. He knows wood and enjoys modeling its production from forest to mill. As you will quickly learn, the layout scenery bears exceptional detail and Harry continues to strive for more.

In the following segment of the series, Allen Keller presents a detailed tour of the Indian Creek Valley Railroad. Immediately following the tour, Allen and Harry explore the operations, and discuss the inspiration & techniques behind the layout. Beyond simply touring the Indian Creek Valley Railroad, Harry provides tutorials on several projects including creating rock molds, using natural material for scenery, easy lattice looks, creating round houses, and making windows. Make sure to watch the rest of the series for those topics.

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