Ron Kuykendall

Overview of Ron Kuykendall’s Five Model Railroads

Ron Kuykendall
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Ron Kuykendall is a model builder with five incredible model railroad layouts. In this video, hear an overview of all five. Three of the layouts are HO standard gauge, the fourth is HON3 and the fifth is SN3.

Ron has managed to accomplish so much on so many layouts because he has been in the hobby since 1941. He is a bachelor that has been able to spend all his time and money on the hobby and he is not afraid to find new approaches to modeling. Two of the railroads are quite large while the other three are small diorama-type railroads. Because the railroads are shelved, there is room for them all in his layout room.

Ron loves to prototype exact rolling stock, structures and locomotives. His large photo collection allows him to model precisely. Ron has been capturing and collecting photos for years and witnessed the end of the steam era. To him, model building is the glue that holds the hobby together. Kits are built from his pictures and drawings without any reference to the instructions. Model building in this way is his main enjoyment. All his layouts are a combination of natural and manmade scenery to further enhance the prototypical nature of his railroads.

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