Bob Brown

Overview of the Tuolumne Forks Railroad

Bob Brown
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Duration:   2  mins

In this video you’ll get an introduction to narrow gauge modeler Bob Brown’s Tuolumne Forks Model Railroad. Tuolumne Forks is a O&3 freelanced narrow gauge logging and mining railroad. The layout combines mining and logging with a tourist line. The operation follows the Lake Tahoe Railway and Navigation Company’s transport of tourists from Workshop to the Lake Tahoe Resort. Both of these locations fit into a 19 by 25 foot area. The railroad is famous among narrow gauge enthusiasts.

When he isn’t narrow gauge modeling, Brown is the editor and publisher of the Narrow Gauge and Shortline Gazette. The magazine promotes contest quality modeling. Brown and the magazine have been able to create a fellowship of fine narrow gauge modelers from around the world. Brown has devoted his life to narrow gauge modeling because he finds almost every aspect appealing. He enjoys creating the look of rundown equipment with a homemade touch, and the practice allows him to largely freelance. Brown started work on the Tuolumne Forks model railroad in 1981, and has continued to model for over fifty years.

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