Norm Stenzel

Paperwork on the B&B

Norm Stenzel
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Duration:   5  mins

In this video, Norm Stenzel discusses the paperwork used for operation on his Brandywine and Benedictine model railroad. First is the employee bulletin register. Every time Norm makes a change on the railroad, he will make a bulletin to inform his operators of any change. They are required to read it and initial it. There is also a sign-in sheet. All jobs on the railroad are assigned by seniority, and Norm keeps track of this by requiring sign-in when operators attend a session.

The next form is of the staging requirements to make sure everything is staged in the proper position so the right cars are in the right place, ensuring the session functions properly. The next list is for the trains and schedule which is how operators pick the trains they are going to operate. They do this by signing their names next to their pick. The dispatchers train log is kept while running the railroad. It details the train, the engine, the engineer, and when they came on duty and off duty.

A general time table is what they run, with Northbound trains and Southbound trains on either side. Two forms are used by the train crews, one being the train operators and the other for the yard. When operating a train on the B&B, a clearance card must be filled out with all of the information on the train being operated. The yard uses the train requirements sheet with a lineup of all the trains that are expected.

An unexpected benefit that Norm has found from creating the layout includes being on the video with Allen Keller – an opportunity that a lot of model railroaders dream of. He also find a feeling of accomplishment and pride associated with modeling, especially the pride of doing 99% of the work himself. He would be a couch potato without his modeling hobby, and he enjoy its educational and historical lessons.

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