Josh Clark

Planning a Model Railroad with Josh Clark

Josh Clark
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Duration:   4  mins

Modeler Josh Clark is back with a video on how to build a model train layout from start all the way to the end. This video will cover everything from designing the layout to the final touches of scenery. The first step is determining what to build and model. Today Josh is in Hendersonville, North Carolina where he grew up. He remembers being young and watching the trains go by. Modeling something with personal significance can add something special to the layout. It’s also very valuable to be able to see the railroad in person to take pictures of the track, trains and scenery.

Josh pulls inspiration from the Hendersonville Depot, taking a slow tour to notice the small details, details that add up to make a great layout. It’s important to notice the buildings, roads, and even the backdrops. Back at Josh’s main layout, one can see that a lot of inspiration was taken from the real world. Once you have some inspiration for where you want to model, the next step is to design a track plan. The plan will depend on the room you have to model in. In Josh’s opinion, more track isn’t always better, instead, one track with tons of scenery adds a lot of realism.

The next part of this series will cover building benchwork. For more on layout planning, or making model railroad scenery for flat areas, visit the Model Railroad Academy archives.

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3 Responses to “Planning a Model Railroad with Josh Clark”

  1. Pete Connors

    Love the plan to show start to finish. Also love the forest tree paper backdrop!! I have not seen that. Where is that from? Thanks

  2. Brandon Buell

    Where is the rest of this series? Is it out yet?

  3. Casey

    I'm familiar with the Saluda grade down by Tryon. Looking forward to the series.

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