David Barrow

Preparing for a Model Railroad Operating Session

David Barrow
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Duration:   4  mins

After you’ve designed and constructed your ideal model railroad, then comes the operating! For some modelers, operations are the best part of the hobby: staging a real train operation with all the switches, blocking and split-second decisions, just on a smaller scale. If you’re the kind of modeler who can’t wait to finish the layout so you can get to the operations, this video is for you!

In this segment, host Allen Keller visits with master modeler David Barrow to learn how he likes to prepare for his operating sessions. You’ll discover the proper way to make your next session count, with tips for getting in the right mindset and advice on making your sessions as realistic as possible. David also introduces all of the necessary materials required for a top-notch operation, including train schedules, clock and car routing systems and an era-appropriate means of communication. If you plan on running operations on your layout, make sure you’re well prepared with David’s tips!

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