Don Cassler

Railfan-Inspired Model Layouts

Don Cassler
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Duration:   3  mins

Railfanning is a hobby many enjoy. A railfan is an individual who is interested in model railroads. Don Cassler believes that inspiration is the greatest thing you can get from railfanning. Railfanning also allows you to get an idea of an area you are trying to model. You can take pictures of others’ layouts and use them to help design your own layouts. Don, and many others, find railfanning a lot of fun.

There are many components that go into designing a layout, including electrical, mechanical, and artistic components. Don explains how being an engineer has aided in designing the B&O. Don has more of an appreciation for structure types and what is logical in terms of engineering given his skills. Don doesn’t view himself as an artist, so he was surprised to find the artwork to be the most satisfying. He doesn’t know how he was able to be so successful in the artwork, he just tried to make it look like what he saw in West Virginia.

Railfanning allows people to broaden their skills and creativity to a wide variety of areas. Check out this video to see more of what Don has to say about railfan inspired layouts.

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