The Railroad Club

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Duration: 2:11

There are many benefits to working on a model railroad with a small group of people. The friendships made, the companionship, and the unique expertise offered by each modeler means that a layout can be completed faster, and with improved quality.

In this video, see Don Cassler’s basement model railroad layout and hear him describe his railroad club. A small group of three to four modelers including Mark Vinski, and Bill Hanley worked with Cassler every week over the course of twenty years to accomplish his layout. The knowledge that each of the members has brought to the model was paramount in its success.

Due to the layout being Cassler’s own, he had deciding power in the layout, but each modeler contributed their ideas, opinions, and experience. After finishing Cassler’s layout, they will move to another member’s basement model, where a new host will hold the voting stock. Although there were some differences in opinion along the way, for Cassler, the advantages of an unofficial railroad club far outweigh the disadvantages. The friendship, associations, and fun make group modeling arrangements the best way to build a model railroad.

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2 Responses to “The Railroad Club”

  1. Dennis

    Building question. Doing a blueprint for a 50 foot straightway with a 1% HO grade. Need to know where do you set the mitor saw to give a 1% grade on your angle cut?

    • Customer Service

      Hello Dennis,

      Well, 1” of rise in 100” of run would make a 1% grade. Fifty feet would be 600 inches. Thus you would rise 6’’ in 600”. I’m not sure just what mitre you’re referring to. Let me know.

      Hope this helps,

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