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Reduce Clutter with a Cheap Styrene Sheet Organizer

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Duration:   3  mins

Watch as NMRA Master Model Railroader Gerry Leone shows you how to reduce clutter and be more efficient with your scratchbuilding projects by making a cheap styrene sheet organizer. If you do any amount of scratchbuilding, you are bound to have full sheets and bits and pieces of styrene and wood lying on, above or under your layout, cluttering your work-space and interfering with the smooth completion of a project. Who hasn’t been on a roll with a particular project, only to find out you’re missing a certain size of wood or styrene? Well, that kills that project for the day!

Gerry went to an office supplies store (such as Office Max, Home Depot or Staples) and bought an inexpensive expandable file folder to clean up the clutter by organizing not only full sheets, but also smaller pieces of styrene and wood (placed in reusable marked baggies) in one easy location. Not only can he find the right piece when he needs it, it also is an easy way to keep track when he’s running low.

Gerry also used a label maker to mark each folder pouch for easy identification. He upgraded his choice of folder by a few dollars more to get more pockets and a closable flap and handle for easier storage and handling. This cheap styrene sheet organizer can be a project life-saver and help reduce the clutter on and around your layout. Try it and see if you don’t agree.

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One Response to “Reduce Clutter with a Cheap Styrene Sheet Organizer”

  1. JJ Parus

    Can you tell us where you got the upscale divided folder for styrene storage? Be nice to not have to rediscover the hidden trail. Thanks!!

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