Roger Russell

Scales Throughout Roger Russell’s Scenery

Roger Russell
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Duration:   6  mins

Roger Russell’s three layouts have variations of scale throughout them. One S scale town features an O scale car, S scale fire engine, and an HO car. He goes on to show HO flats with the foreground of O scale Georgetown Depot, an HO flat car brought into S scale stant mill, and an S scale track with loads after ore processing brought onto an O scale track. The S scale Durango Depot is scratch built with various flats in O and N scale behind it.

The theater is O scale flat, the drugstore is S scale next to it, and hardware is S scale. The Job Harold Printing building is HO, Durango Roundhouse is S scale, and a bridge in HO to the left of it simulates a creek bridge into RGS country. When visitors come to his house and see three layouts it blows them away, they wonder if he does it full time because they are so detailed. Roger thinks he was born to catch onto doing fast scenery.

Roger’s favorite part of modeling is the people that he has met. He loves when people see his layout and smile and ask questions. Nothing is concrete or set in stone in modeling, and he can hear how other people do things differently. He likes to see people enjoy what he has done. Roger says every type of hobby has its little eccentrics, but people are people.

People will get along with some people and not others. The hobby has also taught him a lot about the history of railroading, mining, lumber, and the country in general. He will always be learning something in the hobby. What Roger doesn’t like about the hobby is the politics. For more model scenery tips visit the Model Railroad Academy website.

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