Scratchbuilding Utility Poles

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Duration:   4  mins

Dick worked for a phone company for many years, so it’s no wonder why his model railroad wiring is so precise and neat. He paid special attention to the utility poles on the Hoosac Valley model railroad and developed fine skills when it comes to making them.

Scratchbuilding Utility Poles

In the conclusion of the 10-part Hoosac Valley series, Allen Keller and Dick Elwell finish up with a tutorial on how to scratchbuild utility poles for your model railroad. Throughout the tutorial, Dick explains exactly what materials you will need to create a utility pole as well as the correct measurements to fit to scale.

Dick gives several tips on painting the poles to appear realistic. He uses a Floquil stain to paint the pole in this demonstration. He chooses a walnut shade for the particular pole he creates, but explains that the color varies depending on what type of wood you would like to replicate and how old you would like the wood to appear. He also suggests weathering advice on how to bring the roughness out, since utility poles generally look old and beaten.

Watch this tutorial for step-by-step instruction on assembling a utility pole. Gather up the necessary materials and get started. The project isn’t very difficult but it definitely pays off in looks. A scratchbuilt utility pole will make a great addition to your very own model railroad.

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