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Tips for Touching Up Model Railroad Scenery Water

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Duration:   3  mins

Experienced modelers use a number of different techniques to create model railroad scenery water for their layouts. Depending on the body of water you’re creating, whether it’s a calm lake or fast-moving river, you could have a few options from which to choose. And those options might vary scene by scene, so it’s important to make a plan before you start the building process.

Now, another consideration for model railroad scenery water is how you’re supposed to refinish the surface of your water after the layout has been around for a while. Over time, dust collects and the water’s shine fades, so you have to make sure to regularly add a fresh coat of finish to the surface in order to keep the visual appeal and realism of your model railroad scenery water. In this lesson, we teach you an easy tip you can use to quickly refinish the model railroad scenery water in your layout.

Refinishing model railroad scenery water

On Bob Hayden’s HO scale model of Carrabasset and Dead River Railway, you’ll find a wide range of model railroad scenery water. From salmon-rich riverways to beautiful Maine lakes, Bob’s layout is almost entirely waterside. That means he’s got a lot of regular touching up and glossing to do, giving him plenty of insight for the best ways to refinish model railroad scenery water.

With that idea in mind, Bob’s here to teach you an expert technique for refinishing any kind of model railroad scenery water. He shows you how to cover up previous layers of water and add some much needed shine to your model railroad scenery water by using a soft brush to paint on a healthy coat of gloss medium, which can be purchased at any hobby shop or craft store. With Bob’s simple technique, you can remove years from your model railroad scenery water in just a single afternoon!

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