Bob "Chooch" Rivard

Tour Chooch Rivard’s Model Railroad Layout

Bob "Chooch" Rivard
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Duration:   6  mins

In this Model Railroad Academy video, take a tour through Chooch Rivard’s model railroad layout as it runs through an operating session. Shot from the perspective of the conductor, this tour provides a great inside view of the layout. Chooch’s model railroad layout features flat land, green scenery, blue skies, utility poles, and much more. Other trains, structures, and staging can be seen along the way as well. This tour provides an interesting look at the lighting and electrical features Chooch has used to best feature his model railroad layout. To experience the tour for yourself, watch the full video and explore more layouts and discover planning tips and tricks by viewing more of Model Railroad Academy’s videos.

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One Response to “Tour Chooch Rivard’s Model Railroad Layout”

  1. William Elder

    I want to learn how too's to building a layout for my train sets.

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