Chuck Hitchcock

Touring the Argentine Industrial District Railway

Chuck Hitchcock
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Duration:   9  mins

In this video, tour the Argentine Industrial District HO scale switching railway of Chuck Hitchcock with Allen Keller. The tour begins at the Strongheart Dog Food company. Engine 2099 passes the scrap yard and Dresser Furniture in back. The Alco RS2 with steam generators is kept on the property for this kind of service. With no passenger trains on this line, the appearance of this line is a rare treat for railfans. The special then pulls out from Willer. Bulline Packing provides lots of switching income for the district with cans, stock, and boxes come in and processed meats, tallow and hides going out. The tank cars are being loaded with tallow while the refers are on the minor repair track. The Alco passes the Railway Express Agency building with the furniture store next to the firehouse and the massive Elevator A.

Next is the pass between the workhouse on the left and the silos on the right. Number 2099 enters the elevator under the 42nd St viaduct and heads to 5th Street Yard. This yard is flanked by imposing brick industrial buildings such as Abernathy Furniture. Finally this line known as the main track passes the Kansas Wholesale Grocery Company. At the east end of 5th Street Yard, the massive Elder-Pope Manufacturing plant comes into view as well as the engine facility. Then we pass the General American Transportation Company and the Vanderberg Painting Company. Continuing through the east end of 5th Street Yard is the tour of the GATX tank car repair plant next to Biddison Manufacturing. Freight House Yard is used to block cars for St. Clair Oil. Watch the video for the full Allen Keller tour. For more Allen Keller videos, visit our Model Railroad Academy archives.

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