Dean Freytag

Touring the Model Railroad of Dean Freytag

Dean Freytag
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Duration:   5  mins

In part two of the 8-part South Ridge Line series, Allen Keller chronicles the journey of a reefer block as it rides the rails of Dean Freytag’s layout. Allen offers a behind the scenes tour of the layout with detailed information on the industries and scenic elements found on the South Ridge Line.

Behind the Scenes Tour of the South Ridge Line

The South Ridge Line serves the American steel making industry. The model is freelanced yet developed on a historical and geographical basis. The line begins at the Iron City, travels through Miller Yard, Reid Gap, Bridgeville, and loops through the Hump Yard. You’ll see the Hump Yards tower is in the background. The line doubles back on it self for the remainder of the journey. It returns to Iron City, the lines principle city.

In this tour, all the track is laid and most of the scenery is complete. The track runs along the walls of a 13 by 38 foot space in Deans basement. It is quite an impressive layout. Follow along with Allen and enjoy the sights and sounds of the South Ridge Line.

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